Monday, May 6, 2013

Truant Youngsters

I am starting to really enjoy people watching. It's become quite fascinating the things you learn by sitting back and observing people. I've become very observant of the things around me, regardless of whether or not they relate to my claimant.

One day on surveillance I was parked in a multiracial, working class neighborhood and it seemed everyone was parked on the streets. This made parking so much easier as I could readily blend in with the other cars and no one would think twice about me. Or so I thought.

On day one I noticed some unusual activity at the house I was parked at. This was not my claimant but instead someone elses home. Now, I was actually between two houses but this house seemed to be uncomfortable with my presence. I kept noticing the kids (one about 5 and the other a teen) looking out of the door randomly and at one point they turned on the porch light.

Shortly after all the school buses had ran for the morning I noticed a slow but steady trickle of teenagers coming to and entering the house. There was a high school within walking distance and a few I saw come from that direction. Over the course of the next hour about 15 kids walked into that house and I noticed the same teen from earlier checking on me once in a while. I had a gut instinct that something unlawful was going on in the house.

The next day I chose the same parking spot. It was the best spot, and probably the only one available that didn't stand out. Again the same thing happened with the kids looking out of the door and the light coming on. At least that's how it went until the buses left. Shortly after the last bus, the teenage boy came near to my car and told me he was concerned about me being parked there for the last 2 days and I told him I was working. He was satisfied and went back in.

The trail of teenagers started again for the morning, only this time there were only 6 or 7 that came to the house. About 2 hours after that started a police officer pulled up and parked behind me. He didn't have his lights on but I was still looking in my vanity mirror and praying he wasn't there for me. Regardless of how good the spot was, if I could see my claimant's home he could surely see me just the same.

The officer got out and walked up to the house. He knocked once on the door and then stuck a summons inside the screen door. This was an lol moment for me. I was sure then that the kids were all there skipping school and there's no telling what they were into while inside. Either way, my initial hunch was right and the residents in this home were up to no good.

Ironically, before the officer pulled away, my claimant left and I had to pursue him so I'm sure the kid thought I was there watching him until the police could get to him lol. Oops.

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