Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Will Work For Cake

Literally! Ha.

Call me crazy, I know we're in this to make money but if it's one thing I've learned about starting a new business, it's that sometimes you have to lose money to build up your reputation. In this line of work it's always tricky in navigating the payment landscape anyway. You can't guarantee results in most cases.

This morning I was contacted by a friends daughter, one who's often called me lovingly "Mom #3."  The girl is young and has a baby and I know she doesn't have much money. Still she offered to pay me right off the bat. She needed help and it likely wouldn't take me long to get what she needed.

So in thinking how do I maintain the relationship between me, her mother and her and not risk being offensive or too expensive, etc. This one was tricky. Then I remembered some upcoming birthdays and her mom's extraordinary cake baking and decorating skills. It was perfect! These cakes would easily cost me $50 or more each in a store and I may have to accept whatever options the store offered.

So I set it up that I would work in exchange for 3 cakes. Bartering successful! Now I've not only gotten work who could and would easily recommend me their friends later on but I've salvaged a relationship. Money destroys relationships and I've effectively removed that problem from the equation.

What's the oddest form of payment you've ever accepted?
How do you manage requests from family and close friends for work?

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