Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Commercial Vacuum Products for Forensic Use

Commercial grade vacuum products can be used to simplify forensic tasks like collection of evidence and processing of evidence. Some vacuums are used in the field while others are used in the laboratory. There are a wide variety of vacuum products available for forensic use to suit the needs of any laboratory or collection need.
3M Trace Evidence Vacuum
The 3M Trace Evidence Vacuum is a toolbox style particle vacuum capable of suctioning evidence as small as 0.1 micron. Each filter nozzle is individually wrapped and cleanroom sealed and has its own collection bag. Each filter bag is only used once which also helps eliminate any chance of cross contamination.

VACUU-LAN Networked Vacuum
The VACCU-LAN is an integrated networked vacuum system allowing connection of multiple smaller diaphragm vacuums and easier relocation. The system operates like a central vacuum with multiple ports and is quieter and more cost efficient than having multiple machines. Using multiple ports can allow for collection of multiple sites of evidence at the same time, for example all areas of a vehicle could be vacuumed simultaneously.

PC3012 VARIO Self Adjusting Vacuum System
The PC3012 is a low noise, solvent vapor resistant diaphragm pump used for extracting evidence. The vacuum can evaporate up to 30% faster without fluctuations in vacuum strength. This system continually adapts pumping speed based on application conditions and has integrated solvent recovery as well as evaporation control for maximum efficiency.

TED Collection System
The TED vacuum collection system is designed for collecting trace evidence, DNA evidence, physical evidence and more. The system comes with attachments designed specifically for each type of evidence to be collected and evidence is deposited directly into vials for easier processing at the lab.

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